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Sling Lift Patient Lifts

Many patient lift designs are sling lifts, often called a Hoyer Lift, the brand name of the first of these mobility devices that use hydraulic power. Using a sling or Hoyer lift involves placing the patient on a sling made from a piece of special fabric that can hold his or her weight while suspended in air. The fabric sling is usually attached to a metal frame with a series of hooks or clips. Sling mobility lifts usually have a wheeled base that requires space on the side of the patient's bed during transfer. The lift slings are normally made from a nylon or canvas material, each with specific weight capacities that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a sling for a lift. Typically canvas lift slings are stronger than their nylon counterparts. Learn more about slings for patient lifts by clicking here.

Sling Lift Types

Different sling lift designs are made to accommodate a variety of needs and because of this sling lifts can vary in price significantly. Manual patient lifts are not actually manually powered, but use a complex set of hydraulics to provide lifting power. These lifts are mechanical in nature and require working of different levels to use properly. Engine lift slings are also available. These lift slings are powered by an onboard, rechargeable battery. The lifting is done with the push of a few buttons. Specialized standing lifts are also available for patients who can't be moved by a sling style lift, but can be moved while standing. It is important to get a full medical assessment of the patient's size, weight, and medical condition in order to make a proper selection of the type of lift that would work best for the patient or patients.

U-Sling Style Lift Sling

Hoyer Chrome Hydraulic Patient Lifter
Hoyer lift slings are one of the most well established and dependable sling lifts on the market.

Stand Assist Patient Lifts
This standing sling lift is designed to make the patient transfer as simple as possible.

Manual Hydraulic Sling Lift

Lumex Hydraulic Patient Lifts With Slings
The Lumex Patient Hydraulic Lift is a heavy gauge steel constructed patient sling lift.

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